Essex Fencing Ltd For all your fencing needs 7 Woodlands Close, Woodside, Grays, Essex RM16 2GB
Tel: 01375 407847 | Mobile: 07930 424045

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With over 20 years in the fencing business and over 12 years operating Essex Fencing Limited, I can answer just about any question in the world having to do with fencing.

We have 3 full time employees and 5 other part time workers so we can get your fence done as soon as possible. All of our workers are in uniforms so you can feel secure with knowing who is walking around your property. We never leave a job hanging because we know that our customers and word of mouth is why we have been in business so long.

Though in all our years we have never had to make an insurance claim, we offer over 2 million in liability and theft cover for any job we do for your business fencing or domestic fencing.

I personally assess each job and give all quotes, usually within 24 hours. I also am on every job to check the progress and sign off each project to ensure only the highest quality. I have never have to worry because even the guys who work for me have years of experience (one has been with me for 11 years).

Over my years I have become well acquainted with planning permission guidelines concerning all types of fences, gates and garden walls and can help you plan the best type of enclosure for your needs.

I never charge for a quote or consultation and you will never find any hidden costs with me. That is a ruse which always upsets me, a fence installer will come in with a very low price quote and then during the course of the job “find” all sorts of problems which means more money. In all my years in fencing there has been only a handful of times when a job had hidden pitfalls. This rarely happens.

Thanks for visiting my website and I hope to hear from you soon,

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