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Bow Top Panels

Bow top panels are used in decorative fashion in place of a tradition flat top panel fence. It is very secure and has no gaps whatsoever. You can see in the images below that when used with a gravel board that nothing would be able to get out or in, no matter how small.

This design will set your fence apart from looking like any other fence. We custom make them and can also provide installation of any you may already have.

fencing with bow top panels We can combine bow tops with a scalloped top to create a wave effect which looks great in gardens of all sizes or add different sizes as you see below to make any look. This added height breaks up the view of the neighbours brick wall

All of our fencing comes in all standard heights but can also be made to measure to fit whatever space you have. Bow top fencing looks fantastic in long flat runs of fencing and all panels are pressure treated and come in a light softwood chestnut colour or left untreated. All of our wood is sustainably sourced and FSC Certified.

We can paint any fence for you or provide you with pre-treated bow top panels like this lovely chestnut brown.

bow top fencesThis type of fence is not that difficult to install and when properly painted or treated can last as long as 15 years

We can match double and single leaf gates as well for different width drives and fence heights to keep continuity of design.

We are happy to install treated panels for your garden or property anywhere in the Essex area. These come in a wide variety of sizes and designs to suit your requirements.

Whatever type of bow top panels you need we are here to provide a professional installation that will last for years.