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Chain link Fencing

We can install Chain link fencing or any other type of fencing you can imagine.

Our prices won’t break the bank.

We do install chain link fencing if it is what you prefer but recommend concrete posts, gravel boards and wooden panels because they will last longer. Where the metal chain link joins they are prone to rust. After about 8-10 years they can snap. Another good alternative is the new mesh systems which are made out of a thicker metal material that is powder coated and would last much longer as much as 20 years plus.

If you consider the time difference you will actually be saving more money on another installation in 10 years time.

People like chain link fencing because they can see through it and you can allow hedges to grow through it. Also many pet owners like it because the animal can see through it and it still keeps the animal contained.

Chainlink fencing is becoming a thing of the past, they are phasing it out and replacing it with the new powder coated mesh systems. These still give you fantastic visibility but are much sturdier and robust. These last so much longer you would be crazy not to have it. The price is really the same for these installations because… the chainlink fence is cheaper but is harder to install so you will pay more in labor and the mesh systems may be a bit more expensive but less labor intensive which makes it work out about the same. But in the in the long run you will save money because the fence will last longer.

Both chain link and mesh systems allow the wind to pass through with no damage to the fencing.

We are happy to install chink link fencing or any other type you can imagine, we have the experience that counts.

chain link fencing