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New fence fitted

New fence fitted recently.

This fence was installed yesterday, it’s 7 ft high, with 6″ of the kick board dug into the ground. This is to keep the height within the legal limit, which in this case is 6 ft 6″. We have used a 12″ kick board and a 6 ft heavy duty panel with a 9 ft post that is 2 ft deep secured with concrete.



This new fence is fitted with the highest standard of wood which has been certified by The Forest Stewardship Council. It is also high in security because its height makes it difficult to climb. This is one of our standard height fences but we can build fences to any custom height that is required within the legal limits.

Reasons behind the design of the fence is because during the winter when the weather gets bad the concrete panels help protect the wood from rain damage and from rotting. The finished design of the fence is very appealing to the outside world and gives your garden a new sense of privacy and style. Another reason to why people choose fences like these is because many don’t feel safe in today’s society, because of high risks of burglary. But with its height and structural integrity our clients can feel safe and sound at home.

Another good reason to choose a fence like this is because the concrete is made of the finest quality in the UK and the certified wood with its high quality finish is sure to last about 15 years with the right treatment. By right treatment, we mean every two years you should inspect the fence and make sure everything is up to standard.