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Palisade fencing is the most secure in Essex.

We can supply or install any type of palisade fencing that you may need. It contains some very heavy duty and robust galvanized steel. You can have it in a choice of colours. Normally it’s available in grey, green, black, blue or galvanized steel that will not rust. This type of fencing is normally used for areas that require a little more security than others. It is seen mostly in schools and in industrial sites.

Palisade fencing is high on the security scale.

Palisade is constructed with concrete pillars or galvanized steel. With the concrete pillars you can have it at any height that is palisade fencingrequired for the maximum security. It is virtually impossible for you to break into it as each piece is individually bolted onto the beam across the top. You would literally have to drive a lorry though it to penetrate it.

Our palisade has many other options.

Galvanized steel means that is more difficult to climb. Just like the concrete version it can be any height that is required but unlike the concrete version it comes in a variety of styles. With each style the top of the steel pillars are cut in a different shape that will have a different effect on anything trying to get over it.

Styles of palisade fencing.

The first style is a basic pointed cut to make it difficult to hold on to. The second is a triple pointed cut. This means its cut like the point but about an inch in either side is bent out to make a triple point. The third is a rounded top. Basic but still gets the job done. The fourth and final is the round and notch cut. Just like the rounded style but two to three inches down the pillar is notched at either side. With all the styles the barbs on the top are incredibly sharp and long lasting. Everything is bolted together so it is the sturdiest fence there is.


With our guarantee, palisade fencing is really worth every penny.