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Weld Mesh

Our weld mesh is the best around.

Known all over the world, there is very few materials in the engineering world that rivals weld mesh. Benefiting from welding technology on a superior scale, weld mesh comes in a flap panel form or a rolled up form to be cut to the customers liking. This mesh is unbreakable due to the fact that it’s welded at each intersection with the “electric welding” method. Weld mesh is so versatile it can be used it many different aspects of the building industry such as  building, construction, agriculture and horticulture.

Weld mesh has a countless number of uses some of it’s most basic abilities include: partitions and enclosures, ventilator guards, tree guards, machinery and window guards, safety barriers, racking and grills. Fireguards and fan guards, security cages. It’s widely used in industrial work and a lot of domestic work often contains this mesh. It is very popular in factory work. Blocking off machines so its safer to use. Making the workplace safe is something the weld mesh is very skilled at.

This weld mesh will help in more ways than one.

Weld mesh is very popular with animal lovers too. Having dogs inside the house can be a nightmare to clean up after. With the weld mesh you will have nothing to worry about anymore because you could easily set up a little living area outside in the back garden just for them. This weld mesh is so quick and easy to install you will be surprised at how fast it can be done.


Why not give us a call and enquire about getting your hands on some weld mesh today!