We Can Supply And Fit Concrete Posts At All Different Heights That Are Steel Reinforced.

We can also provide ones made with cranked extensions that will accommodate up to 3 rows of barbed wire on top of whatever kind of fence like the ones below.
We can provide concrete posts for all types of fencing:

  • strained wire fencing
  • chain link
  • welded mesh
  • timber fencing

Many strained wire fencing with intermediate posts are usually used along tracks of railways or the highway and we can provide ones as tall as you require, with corner posts, end posts, and struts to make for the most secure fence possible.

Concrete fence posts for timber fencing (These are sometimes called H-posts) are usually created from the wet cast for a better finish so you don’t have chips and chunks marring the look of your garden. These are pre-slotted for a longer-lasting alternative to wooden ones which are susceptible to wood rot. Often used with a gravel board, they add extra strength to your fence and save on maintenance while adding years to the life of your fence.

PCRs or Recessed concrete posts are also made in different heights. These are used when you need the timber bolted using pre-holed, moulded recesses. These can be used for feather edge panels, close board, or picket fencing. This makes for a nice thin fence that can withstand just about anything our British weather can throw at it.

Special heights can be ordered to suit whatever kind of requirement for your property, be it business or home.

It is best to call us at the very early planning stages of your project and before you order any materials as our experts could well save you from ordering unnecessary items, too much or too little which can mean more money in your pocket at the end of the day

Concrete posts with chain mesh will last as long as any other fence that's needed, call us today.