We Can Install Feather Edge Panels Or Any Other Type Of Fencing Throughout Essex, London And Surrounding Areas.


Feather edge panels are when the slats overlay each other. One side of the individual slats is thicker than the other. By overlapping the slats, you produce a very strong panel. The slats are fixed onto 3-4 back rails. This is what gives it stability and strength. It is finished off with a weather cap. This is an extra length of timber on the top that deflects the rain off the panel. This helps keep water off which means less rotting.

All of our panels come treated so you haven’t got to treat for the first two years.

Feather edges are pretty much 90% of our business. Customers like them because they are heavy duty. They are much longer-lasting than the old ship lap panel. They tend to be better made. They really do look better. When installed in between concrete posts they are easier to maintain.

By sitting your feather edge panel on top of a concrete gravel board (as pictured below) you are keeping the timber away from the moisture in the ground. This is going to prevent the rotting of the timber. By using the gravel board you are really prolonging the life of the panel. It also makes the fence look much more pleasing to the eye.

Many customers may say they want to save money by not having gravel board which is fine but it is really a false economy if you want to make your fence last. I am talking about the difference between your fence lasting 15 years or about 5-6.

You can slide these out to paint them or when the panels need treating. We advise you to do this about every 2 years to keep your panels looking in top condition. This prevents rotting and wear and tear from the elements. You have to consider that your garden panels are out in the weather of all types, 365 days a year.

By maintaining them every couple of years you could get as long as 15 years out of your fencing installation. This gives you really good value for your money.