Gravel boards could be seen as the underestimated fencing solution. With a huge selection of styles in both treated timber and concrete available. Gravel boards are great for many types of fencing such as; feather panels, palisade fencing, or close board. Gravel boards are mainly used to prolong the life of your fence.

Gravel boards are often used in gardens that slope, or to level out a fencing installation. It can also be used to prevent gaps in your perimeter which can help small animals from entering or escaping. Another use is to help provide different levels to a garden or making raised beds for planting. It can simply make a fence look more finished and adds strength to the individual panels.

The most frequent use of gravel board is to extend the life of your fence by keeping the panels away from the ground and the moisture, saving money and time on the maintenance of your fence. If the correct treatment is given your fence could last up to 15 years.