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There are many uses for trellis work. A trellis arch can add dimension to a feature wall or can be used to create enclosed spaces within a larger area or add privacy while still letting in light. Another popular use is to add it on the top of a brick garden divider to provide privacy in overlooked properties without seeming to alienate your neighbours. Trellis can be added to most walls and fences with little trouble. But if installed incorrectly they can droop under the pressure of even the lightest vines and climbing plants. Trellis work can be painted or left natural, but care should always be taken so that the wood is treated against rot because of its proximity to damp plants. Essex fencing can also help you construct a room outside made with trellis to help you enjoy your garden without feeling too exposed to either the elements or the neighbours.

It is important that planning permission is taken into account as there are occasions that this may be needed.