Our weld mesh is the best around.

Known all over the world, there are very few materials in the engineering world that rivals weld mesh. Benefiting from welding technology on a superior scale, weld mesh comes in a flap panel form or a rolled-up form to be cut to the customers liking. This mesh is unbreakable due to the fact that it’s welded at each intersection with the “electric welding” method. It is also very quick and easy to install.

Weld mesh is very versatile and used in many different aspects of the building industry including; construction, agriculture and horticulture.

Weld mesh fencing is also very popular in factories. It is imperative to ensure workplace safety in factories. Weld mesh fencing can be a key component to ensure this safety, especially in regards to blocking off machines. There are a countless number of uses including security cages, window and fire guards or creating safety barriers. Weld mesh is very popular with pet owners enabling them to easily erect enclosures.